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Your Personality Affects Your Dog In So Many Ways!

Your personality affects your dog. When it comes to our personality, we don’t always think about it because it’s always there. It’s easy to be unaware of it.  Becoming more aware of our personality can be an important thing.  Whether it’s for the significant people in our lives, but also your dog.  It’s interesting as I’ve been watching and coaching people over the past decade, how our different personalities affect the way our dogs react.  

One thing I want folks to be aware of, the next time you’re petting your dog, I want you to do it silently.  Then, immediately after that, continue to pet your dog and start to talk.  I want you to see, when you were quiet, did you pet your dog more slowly?  Did you pet them more quickly when you were talking? 

Are You A Talker?

This is one of the things I’m noticing when people are working with their dogs. People tend to pet their dogs more when they talk.  So, if you’re a real talker like I am, you tend to accelerate the petting and tend to drive dogs into more excitement.  Therefore, we can really benefit from working with dogs. Doing heeling exercises and coming when called when we’re trying to get dogs to increase their motivation in the moment.  

If you’re one of the more quiet talkers or don’t talk that much.  You’re the type of person who should probably be handling the dog when we’re trying to calm them.  All of us, including myself, can benefit by learning something from the other personality types and l try to incorporate just a small amount into ourselves.  So, yes, your personality affects your dog.

I tend to be a pretty fast mover, but sometimes when you’re with a dog you need to calm them.  Therefore, you have to slow yourself down a little bit, even if isn’t a natural fit to your personality.   If you’re a calm personality, a string of praise from you, which the dog rarely hears, could show them they’re doing a really fantastic job.  Not only that but as couples, we should probably take a look at our significant others and see how they handle the dog and how can we help them communicate the things we agreed upon for our dog.  

Just some food for thought there.  I do want you to think about your personality as you’re using it to train your dogs.  It really can have a major influence.  Don’t forget to go check out my YouTube Channel. And you can find more tips here at

Have a great day and Happy training!

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