What do we do?

Longoriahaus Dog Training helps families raise happy and reliable dogs by teaching and coaching through any unwanted behavior.

Does this describe your dog’s behaviors:

• Does your dog constantly lick?

• Does your dog jump on people?

• Does your dog bark when the doorbell rings?

• Does your dog constantly want attention from you?

• Does your dog rush past you every time the front door opens?

• Does your dog beg for food every time you eat?

• Does your dog nip at you?

• Does your dog grab the leash with his mouth while on walks?

• Does your dog get into the trash cans?

• Does your dog bark at you when you are on the phone?

• Does your dog look for food on the kitchen counter?

• Does your dog potty in the house?

• Does your dog steal inappropriate articles that belong to you or your children?

• Does your dog chew on your furniture?

• Does your dog constantly pull on the leash?

All of these behaviors and even ones not on this list are what we will help you conquer. It’s not going to be long before you can truly begin to enjoy all the wonderful things that your dog can do. Along the way, your dog will learn new things that your dog and your family can enjoy together.

What kinds of activities will you be able to look forward to?  Nice walks with your dog who isn’t pulling on their leash and actually walking with you. Spending time with your family and actually having a calm dog who stays where you tell them too. Play time with your dog and kids where you dog will play well with them.

Today is the best day to get started! Contact us today to schedule your risk free training consultation and start enjoying the benefits of a trained dog!