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You Deserve the joy of a well-trained dog

The Problem

You are unable to have your children around your dog

You avoid going on walks because your dog is out of control

You can’t ever go on vacation because your dog wouldn’t be able to cope.

The Solution

Have a trained dog that stays where you tell it to even when you have company.

Have a trained dog that will walk nicely with you on leash even with distractions.

Have a dog that loves to come when you call.

About Longoriahaus

At Longoriahaus Dog Training we know you are a loving dog person, who wants a well-mannered dog.

To achieve that, you need training for your dog and coaching for yourself. You may not know exactly where to start and what the best way to train your dog is. You may feel a little frustrated and overwhelmed and maybe even a little nervous.

We believe you shouldn’t have to struggle with what you teach your dog and how. We understand dog training can be hard. That’s why we offer training courses for a variety of circumstances.

We can help any dog and offer solutions to any problem. Here is how it works:

First – contact us to set up a free training evaluation.

Second – have Al listen to you and evaluate your dog.

Third – sign up for a training course tailored to you and your dog’s needs and achieve the results you want.

Schedule your free training evaluation today, and go from having a poorly mannered dog, who is difficult to walk, doesn’t come when called, and doesn’t stay when you ask, to a trained and well-behaved dog. You and your dog deserve it and will enjoy it.

What We Offer

The Plan

Schedule a Training Evaluation

Meet with Al the Dog Trainer so he can get to know you and your dog and help define what training will look like.

Create a Plan

Create a plan with Al designed to accomplish your goals.

Get Results

Start seeing and experiencing the change that a trained dog can bring to your family.

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You deserve the joy of a well-trained dog

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