Longoriahaus dog training is your solution.

Does this describe your dog’s behaviors:

• Does your dog constantly lick?

• Does your dog jump on people?

• Does your dog bark when the doorbell rings?

• Does your dog constantly want attention from you?

• Does your dog rush past you every time the front door opens?

• Does your dog beg for food every time you eat?

• Does your dog nip at you?

• Does your dog grab the leash with his mouth while on walks?

• Does your dog get into the trash cans?

• Does your dog bark at you when you are on the phone?

• Does your dog look for food on the kitchen counter?

• Does your dog potty in the house?

• Does your dog steal inappropriate articles that belong to you or your children?

• Does your dog chew on your furniture?

• Does your dog constantly pull on the leash?

All of these behaviors can be addressed and solved with our style of dog training. You will soon begin to enjoy a fuller and more satisfying relationship with your dog.  Along the way, your dog will learn new things that the two of you can enjoy together.

Once you are at peace with your dog’s behavior, you may be inclined to spend more time with him. Do you know that you could add a whole new social dimension to your life by enrolling in group sporting activities such as IPO, obedience as a sport, disc catching, agility, hunting, and many others?

Dogs are truly wonderful and amazing, a fact that is readily apparent in the world of sport. You will be in awe of your dog’s
tracking ability as you are led by the nose that knows how to track and find hidden things. In this sport, you have no choice but to rely on him, and he’s aware of that. In obedience trials, when you’ve given your dog a series of commands that he has obeyed immediately and perfectly, he knows it, and you are beyond proud! Through various activities, the two of you develop a unique communication, one that brings new life to the expression, “man’s best friend.”

Explore the possibilities for you and your dog with Longoriahaus Dog Training. A no-cost/no-obligation initial meeting, either on your premises or at another location, would allow for a discussion of your training goals and an assessment of your dog(s).
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