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Your Dog MIGHT Get It Right If You Do

The topic today is your dog might get it right if you do. I always get to meet people that are interested in my dog training in a consultation/ evaluation before I ever take them on as clients or before they hire me. However you want to look at it. These consultations are meant to serve several purposes.

Client Issues

One of the things it allows me to do is listen to people and the issues they have going on with their dogs. The good news is most of the common issues that people share are pretty standard from client to client. Like jumping on guests, pulling on the leash, barking excessively so forth, etc. So that’s one of the things that I get to do.

One of the other things that I get to do is teach for a little bit. And this is more like a lecture where I explain some of the fundamentals. Some of my perspectives on how we can go about working the dog. And then what I get to do is evaluate and train the animal to do something.

I usually will evaluate how a dog responds to a leash. How the dog responds to a calm person handling them, and how it responds to different food types. And then I set about to train the dog. Now, what does this have to do with the title?

The Consultation

So before these consultations, my team and I send an email to these people of some things that I need them to do before I come. Among those things is I need them to fast their dog for 5 hours before the consultation, if not more. And then, I also want them to have their dog in a crate before my arrival.

These two things, fasting and crating, help me set up an environment where the dog’s mind will be most prepared to learn when I teach the dog. So when these two things happen, I can execute my training plan with a dog at a very high rate.

I can usually get a dog to do what I want them to do. Your dog might get it right if you do these two things. Having a hungry dog and the tools you need to communicate with the dog are very important.

Dog In The Crate

When I have the dog in a crate before they get to come out, I have my clients put a leash on them, and I already have my treat pouch on, and food ready to go. So that way, I can start communicating to the dog about what I want them to do. Suppose you’re thinking about your dog training. In that case, this is a kind of approach that you want to take with your dog because if you have your leash ready, if you have a training plan in mind prepared, and you have something that will help reinforce the dog when they get it right, then the chances that you’re going to be successful go up dramatically.

Being Successful

It’s not just a little bit more success you have, it’s a lot more success that you will have. So your dog will start being successful if you can get these things right. If you can get the tools on the dog, and if you have a training plan in mind, those two things are different. But if you have a training plan in mind but don’t have the tools to create it, then it’s impossible to create.

If you do have the training tools, but you don’t know what you want. Well, at least you have some control over the dog, and you can start maybe playing around and tinkering with them because you can lead the dog and do that. But having the two things makes all the difference. So not only will your dog get it right if you do, but they are prepared to communicate and get them to do something that they can do.

If you need any help, don’t forget that you can text me anytime with any of the questions that you have. My team and I will get back to you and give you a response. That number is 832-734-5189. Also, you can find more tips like this on my YouTube Channel or find more right here on my website www.

Happy Training!

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