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Why Should You Hire a Dog Trainer To Coach You?

Dog trainers can do quite a few things.  They should be able to train dogs, they should be able to teach a dog to stay, walk nicely on a leash, come when called, and probably also be able to teach a dog how to play properly.  Maybe that even includes retrieving, agility, or scent detection.  There are all these things dog trainers, in my opinion, should be able to have at least a basic understanding of and be able to get their own dogs as well as their client’s dogs to do.  

On top of that, I think dog trainers should be able to train and coach you.  I’ve been noticing, that it’s really important for the overall success of my clients and their dogs, that I actually handle the dogs as little as I possibly can.  What do I mean by that?  Well, it’s beneficial for folks to be able to see skilled dog trainers working with their dog.  There’s a benefit in that because we can learn a lot through observation.  However, I think it’s more important for the dog trainer to be able to watch the dog and the client performing together to give them feedback that could have been missed before.  Anybody can watch someone do something. We have all of these platforms such as YouTube where you can watch someone perform a task, but watching and doing are two different things.  If you have a dog trainer who cares about you and hired to help you, they should be allowing you to handle your dog as much as possible.  There’s a lot of benefit to that.  

I bring this up because I just wrapped up a basic obedience course with a really great little dog named Harley.  I was watching as I was teaching my client a technique where we were going to minimize the usage of the leash as well as the voice command and make a really nice reward there.  The thing that stuck out to me is that they’re at the end of a 6-week course, and they’re fairly new dog owners.  I didn’t personally learn those techniques until about 8 years into my 16-year dog training journey.  This is a big reason why you should hire a dog trainer.  They are so focused, and the thing that took them so long to figure out, they will share with you and you can spring-board off of that and take off even further.  

Paying for quality dog trainers, even if you have to save up a little, will be extremely beneficial for you and your dog.  

I hope this was helpful! Happy Training! Text me at (832)734-5189 if you have questions about this or any other dog training topic.  I’m happy to help.

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