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Why Hard Dogs Need Discipline

I was working with a German Shepherd, about 9 months old.  He’s been through training with me and learned some things, but unfortunately, he’s learned he can drag his owners around on walks.  He also tends to be reactive towards other dogs.  As cute and cuddly as he looks, he’s a pretty hard dog.  What I mean by that is that this dog can resist physical pressure, and tolerate it to the point where if you continue to do that, it could injure the dog.  

As dog trainers, I really think it’s unethical for us to do anything that could injure a dog.   Sometimes dogs do need hard corrections though, which won’t injure them if done properly.  If you don’t give these dogs the firm corrections they need, you’re going to deprive them of the future they deserve.  A future where they get to go places and be calm around other dogs and get included in all of the wonderful things you want to do. 

Sometimes you may have one of these dogs and you may be hesitant about the process and dealing out some firm corrections.  I get it, and I’ll tell you something, I tell my clients when it comes to firm corrections, I am good at making those corrections. But sometimes, I can’t seem to teach people how to do that.  There are other tools, including remote collars that can help you make these corrections. However, you want to work with someone who is experienced to show you how they work. They should show you how to utilize them properly and how to introduce them to your dog. Remote collars are not for novices, but if you can learn how to use them, they can be very useful.

Going back to the dog, it’s so important for these “hard dogs,” to get the firm corrections they need. It’s important as dog trainers and dog owners that we’re willing to discipline them in the way they need.  This way, we can include them more in our lives.

If you have a hard dog and you’re struggling, I’d love to talk to you and be able to help you.  You can always reach out to me and text me if you have any dog training questions.  The number is (832)734-5189.  I’m here to help!

Happy training!

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