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Why Does It Have to Be So Complicated?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way  I do consultations with people in general. Here’s the format I’m following: 

The first thing I ever want to do with any one of you guys is to listen. I’m not just talking about sitting there, waiting for you to stop talking. I’m actually talking about listening to you and hearing what’s going on with your dog and what’s going on with you.

I think it’s really easy to get comfortable in being good at what I do. That could lead to arrogance and no longer listening to you and just start training your dog.

That doesn’t really help you guys the way I want to.

One of the problems I’ve been running into since I’ve been doing this for so long is, sometimes when I’m explaining something it feels like it’s too complicated. I’ve made it too detailed, which is the tendency that I have. As a result, I now made dog training too complicated.

Yes, there are details in dog training and nuances. However, the best thing to do is lay out a simple plan and begin to execute that plan. In the process, you learn what the dog is communicating and you can act on that.

My simplified approach when working with your dog is, know what the target is, know what the bullseye is.

Know where the boundaries of the target are, so you can correct your dog when these boundaries are crossed. I have found that this works very well for people and their dogs.

I don’t have to add all the little technical details. So, as you’re thinking about your dog training, try not to make it so complicated. Try to make it as simple as possible.

Then show your dog how great it is to do what you want. When that process is repeated, it creates fantastic results.

Complicated things can be useful. I am in my office with a computer, two phones, and a microphone, recording this for you. I am thankful for complicated technology, that makes our lives easier.

We don’t need to make our dog training complicated though.

Happy training and have a wonderful day! Take care!

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