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What To Do If Your Dog Is Peeing & Pooping Inside

My dog is peeing and pooping in the house. How do I correct them for doing that? Well, do not correct your dog for using the relieving themselves inside your home. Period. Please don’t do it. You shouldn’t spank them, remote collar high level them, hit them with the newspaper, or stick their face in it. And please don’t yell at them and tell them what a horrible dog they are. You can’t do any of it.


Now, is there an exception? There is. Marking. Marking behaviors inside your home, please correct those. Don’t use a newspaper. Use a tool like a remote collar, your leash, or yell if that works for you.

So if your dog is peeing and pooping inside your home, you don’t get to correct them. The first thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to correct yourself. This is really what needs to happen. I would suggest that you stop putting food and water on the floor for your dog. But if you say, well, I’ve got four cats and 3 other dogs, what am I supposed to do?

If you add another animal into your life, don’t put all the responsibility back onto them for learning where they’re supposed to go. You’re going to have to take the lead now. There are some dogs out there that we’ve trained with, and they are tough to potty train. They are challenging, but the correction never makes the habit. When correcting any behavior, the correction will 101% of the time not form the habit that you need the dog to form.

Corrections And Boundaries

Corrections and boundaries will never form habits, period. The only thing that will form your dog’s habit of using it outside is putting a leash on the dog or leading the dog outside when they need to go. They relieve themselves, that feels good, and you also tell them how amazing they are for going outside. And then if you multiply that by 786 times in a row, whatever number that happens to be, your dog is gonna understand it.

The opportunity to relieve themselves inside your home is really where you got to be smart about it. This is where your wireframe crate and management of the dog’s food and water are going to work wonders for you so that the dog understands. Like, “Oh, I don’t have any access here, and then when I do get access, they’re going to put me inside of this crate.” Maybe they don’t like it, maybe they do, but then what the human does for me is takes me out to the place they want me to go. Then they tell me how wonderful I am. And that’s absolutely what you should do with a dog.

Excitement Peeing

I get it, nobody wants the dog to be peeing and pooping inside of their home, and it is difficult. Nobody wants to have a filthy home, and I get that. Let me add something else because one of my clients that just graduated had a dog that actually had quite a bit of excitement peeing, and she asked what she can do. Well, correcting a dog for excitement peeing is a huge mistake. You can’t do that because the dogs are excited, and they really can’t control themselves.

So what you’re going to do for the dog is anticipate the excitement peeing and have the leash on the dog well before the excitement peeing happens.  And then 100% for sure don’t touch that dog. If you have a dog with excitement peeing and you’re going to go even think about touching them, they’re going to squirt all over your floor. That’s for sure.  They can’t help it!

I hope this was helpful! Remember, you can find more videos like this on my YouTube Channel or them right here on my website

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