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What To Do If Your Dog Is Destroying Your Backyard

What can you do if your dog is destroying your backyard? This is a very common thing that I hear people talk about. Probably not as common as dogs jumping on people and dogs barking a lot, but I do hear this quite a bit. Dogs destroying the backyard.

I would like to give you a few different perspectives. Also, some practical things that I think should be able to help.

Why Is This Happening

Why is your dog destroying your backyard? First, let’s just understand the reason why dogs are destroying backyards. Most of the time the reason that a dog is being destructive back there is just plain and simple boredom. Dogs want something to do. They don’t want large spaces to run around in by themselves. They want somebody or something to play with.

Therefore, when your dog starts engaging with your plants or your patio furniture, or even the dirt, you’re going to find things destroyed.  You’re going to find those holes getting bigger and bigger too. It’s not because your dog is a bad dog. I do encourage you to tell them not to do those things, but telling them no only is not going to solve the problem.

What People Do

I know a lot of people who will try to pour things like pepper around the hole or put the dog’s face inside of the holes that they dig. They even try to spray bitter apple on their patio furniture sometimes. I’m not saying that those things can’t help, but I don’t think that they’re going to be a permanent solution.

If boredom is the issue, this means the dog needs something to play with. A lot of times when people tell me their dog is destroying their backyard, I immediately look at the window to see what’s back there. If there isn’t anything that’s more interesting than dirt, plants, or furniture, then it’s going to be difficult for you to get your dog to stop.

Your Dog’s Needs

Some toys are necessary. I’ve learned over the years, if you put dog toys in your backyard with one dog by themselves, they’re not going to be that interested. It only becomes interesting if they can consume the toy like it’s a piece of food. Unfortunately, that’s only going to keep their attention for so long.

Dogs want to have somebody to play with. I think this is the difficult part. The first thing that you must do is spend time with your dog in the backyard and tire them out. Now the bad news is that you’re going to have to go out there and maybe even wear yourself out a little bit. That’s what it will take to get your dog to the level where they’re going to be much calmer.

It is possible for dogs to be good, but in my opinion, fulfilled and satisfied dogs are really what makes a good dog. They are having their needs met by their owners.

Dog Toy Recommendations

So, what can you put in the backyard that will keep your dog’s attention for some period of time? There’s one toy that I’ve found over the years that does better than most, it is called the Romp-n-Roll.  It’s made by a company called Jolly Pets. This is not an indestructible toy, but it is an appealing toy when dogs are introduced to it. They really enjoy playing with it but it may not keep your dog’s attention all that long.

What Is A Flirt Pole?

I actually make a toy that is a great tool you can use to get out there and play with your dog. This toy is called the Flirt Pole.

If you have any kind of herding breed, maybe even a terrier, and you want something that’s going to be tough. Something that will wear them out quickly. I think the Flirt pole is a fantastic way to go. You really must see it! Check it out on my website at or go over to my YouTube channel. Just search for Flirt Pole and you’ll be able to see what it’s all about.

I will say there are many out there on the market, but mine is particularly tough and it is a little bit more interactive. Honestly, any flirt pole could be a great way to go for you and your dog. This will definitely keep them from being a nuisance.

Take Away

The final thing is, if your dog is tearing up your yard, maybe you should give up a part of it while they’re going through puppyhood. You should have an area where you can put your dog away and you’re not going to mind them being a dog. That might mean they destroy some things. If you do give an area like that to your dog, just make sure there’s nothing dangerous around for them. Maybe sometime in the future, as you continuously train your dog and they get better and more mature, you’ll be able to get away from doing needing to do something like that.

Good Luck and Happy Training!

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