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What Am I Feeding – December 2021 Update

Today’s topic is: What am I feeding? It’s The December 2021 update. Okay, so many of you know that I have three German shepherds, and they eat very similar things. So let me cover the three of them. I have Gabby, Alpha, and Jericho. Gabby is going to be seven years old in about a week. Alpha is going to be a nine-month-old in about a week, and Jericho is going to be a seven-month-old in about a week. So they’re all coming up on these significant dates. And these dogs can eat a lot of food.

I want to cover some of what I’m feeding them right now as part of their daily diet.

Gabby is getting about a cup and a half of dog food every day. Now I feed a lot of different brands. But since this is an update about what I’m specifically providing, she is currently eating Acana Ranchlands, and it’s pretty good dog food.

Different Formulations

What I’m doing is I’m switching between the different formulations. So, I already have a separate bag for her, and I’ll cover that in the next update.

Right now, she’s getting about a cup and a half of the Ranchlands. And then she’s also getting with that, about an 8th of a teaspoon of turmeric, some pepper, a quarter cup of raw goat’s milk, a whole egg and a tablespoon of pumpkin. So I take that, add a little bit of water, and mix it all together.

So for my puppies, it’s very similar. Alpha and Jericho are getting two cups of Orijen Large Breed Puppy. They’re also getting the turmeric, black pepper, whole egg and raw goat milk. And they’re getting the added water and the one tablespoon of pumpkin. And that’s about what those dogs are eating as their base meal every day.

The only other thing that I’m adding to all of their food that I forgot to mention, is blueberries. I’m adding about 28 grams roughly of blueberries. That’s because there’s a lot of research out right now that says that blueberries are really great for your dog’s longevity and also helps them recover after exercising. Since I do exercise them quite a bit.


Now I also do treats. So with the treats, they get banana chips as training treats during the day. And I’m also using Bully Sticks, which I am purchasing from Costco, and they’re getting those anytime they finish a meal. It’s almost like a dessert for them.

So that is what I’m currently feeding my pack, and I do change it from time to time as I learn more information. I am considering adding some other things. For instance, right now I’m thinking of adding 73/27 ground beef. I am also contemplating replacing the raw goat’s milk with yogurt. But we’ll see which way I go. I haven’t entirely made up my mind, or I might do just a little bit of both of those. And I do think about adding some organ meat in there, but I rarely find myself doing that.

So what are you feeding your dog? If you have any questions about what I’m feeding at any time, please be sure to ask.

Also please feel free to visit my YouTube Channel, as I have more videos on this subject and you can find more helpful tips right here at

Happy Training!

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