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Training Without Management

The topic today is training without management. So the question that I’m trying to answer is … is it possible to actually train your dog without managing them? This means that you are giving the dog a lot of free reign, but also stuck in a nonstop training session.

I think training without management is possible for some people because of their lifestyle. But for the vast majority of people, it is not always so easy. So what are the different ways that you can go about managing a dog? Let me just list some of the most common and maybe one or two that you hadn’t considered before.


So the most common way that people manage their dogs is by crating them. I think that crating is fantastic. I don’t think that a crate should be used for punishment though. An example of that would be leaving them in a crate for hours because you’re upset with them.

You can crate them when you have to do things that the dog can’t be involved in. Sometimes you have to do that because the level of training isn’t there for the dog. I think that you should put the dog away at that time, and it’s perfectly acceptable to do that.

Now, there are quite a few dogs that will not want to go into their crate and that is a training issue. You can just show them that it’s amazing to get into their crate. It’s amazing to lie down in there and that they do have to stay until you release them. You have to devote some time to do that. However, I feel that it’s well worth it because the dog will learn how to do that probably within a day or two.

Puppy Daycare

Another way that you can manage your dog is by sending them to puppy daycare. Many of my clients end up doing that with their dogs if they have very busy schedules. Sending your dog to daycare can be useful. The only downside would probably be them getting overwhelmed by playing with other dogs. This can affect them during a walk. When it’s time for them to focus on you and take their attention away from other dogs.

I think that if you send your dog to a good facility this won’t be a problem. The professionals there are intervening and helping guide the dog’s decisions.

Get Family Members Involved

My family members help out when I’m out on the job. They’re actually managing the dogs while I’m gone.

The first week that I had Alpha and Jericho together, I didn’t just leave it up to my family members though. I also got pet sitters to come over to my home and help with managing the energy levels of these two wonderful German Shepherds. Now, I only ask the pet sitter to come a few times during the week to assist my family members. That seems to be going well.

So there are some different ways that you can go about managing your dog. You can use your crate, puppy daycare, get family members involved, and you can also hire pet sitters. And if you’re thinking that you can do it without, I think it is possible but you really would have to spend a lot of time with them. You would have to be already skilled in understanding how to train dogs. You’d have to pay attention to your particular dog and make sure that they’re getting the right amount of attention.

If you’re trying to do training without management, without any of those four things and you own other dogs. Your other dogs can actually be helpful. If those dogs are trained, they can also be a source of management. Sometimes other adult dogs can really help you with your puppy. Just be careful how much you lean on them because sometimes puppies can be frustrating for adult dogs, just like they are for us sometimes.

Well, I hope that tip was useful for you guys. Please remember you can get more tips like this on my YouTube Channel. Hope to see you there!

Happy Training!

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