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Training For The 5% Of The Time

Today’s topic is Training For The 5% Of The Time.

I arrived for a training session today, and it was pouring down raining. I quickly had to rush out of my car. But before I did that, I noticed that the family’s dog was out on their front porch. I knew a little history about this dog, and he’s a jumper. He tends to get over-excited when people first come over. So before I exited the car, I sent a text message to my client asking them to either put a leash on their dog or put their dog into the crate to start our session. I waited a few moments, and then I ended up walking up to the door.

Unfortunately, my client was unable to do either. So you can imagine what happened next. That very playful dog started to jump all over me. He managed to scratch me, not necessarily being aggressive, but definitely not being friendly. The way that I would consider it was definitely very ill-mannered.

Happy To Help

This is why people contact professional dog trainers because, obviously, they need help. I’m always more than happy to help. There’s no judgment for my client at all because this used to happen to me, and it happens to many people. So as I was getting the dog under control, I finally got clean and started having a conversation with my client.

I asked my client if they had a crate for the dog, to which they answered “yes.” And then I asked them, do you use the crate? To which they answered “no.” And then I asked, Well, why don’t you use a crate? They said our dog is really well behaved, 90-95% of the time. So we like to reward all that good behavior with having the right to be loose. This is why today we’re talking about training 5% of the time.

Easy To Live With

Now, a lot of dogs actually do, just like my client’s dog. They do really well. The majority of the time, they’re easy to live with. They generally listen, and they’re not too much of a nuisance. But then there’s going to be those few times, like when people come over, or some unexpected event happens. Your dog is tough to control. This is why we’re actually training, not for 95% of the time but for the 5% of the time when the dog actually needs stellar control.

So when I think about these problems, I never really want to make them too complicated for anybody. I want this solution to be easy and simple to implement. Is it going to require some degree of diligence and organization? That’s probably maybe a step or two ahead of what you’re currently already doing. The challenge that I find professionally is that people are having a hard time, and they need to change their own behaviors first.

Preparation and Diligence

Preparation and diligence are really at the heart of what you’re trying to do with your dog training because that is where you’re actually going to be able to solve the problems.

So this is just a reminder to everyone. Form that personal, daily dog training habit where you have a certain way that they’re going to live with your dog. If you do that, then you’ll see how you actually solve the problem of a lot of bad behaviors.

I hope this was useful information. Please remember you can visit my YouTube Channel for more tips or stay right here on my website for more at www.

Happy Training!

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