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The Conversation BEFORE You Get a Dog

The conversation before you get a dog. For me, it’s really been interesting getting two dogs, one after the other. It is a lot of fun, but it’s been a big responsibility. I’m just thankful for the people in my life who have made it possible for me to be able to get these dogs. I know without the help of my mother, who is very involved, I couldn’t do what I’m doing. And, of course, the help of so many friends. Yes, it’s been great, but it has been challenging in many ways.

One of the things that I wanted to do for people who may consider adding another dog is the conversation they should be having. I consider it to be essential to have before you get the next dog. I’ll be sharing with you four different things that might want to be discussed.

What Is The Dog Meant To Do?

The first one is, what is the dog meant to do? What are their bloodlines meant to do? The particular bloodline of a German Shepherd, for instance, is meant for a protection sport, among other things.

When I spoke with a breeder, I told them that I really wanted a dog capable of doing protection sport. So when you’re getting a dog, regardless if they come from a breeder, a rescue, or a shelter, it should be important to identify what the dog is meant to do. If your lifestyle doesn’t match that, then obviously, this is not a good choice. But if it does, then you could really have one of the best dogs that you’ve ever had in your life. I’m a pretty active guy, so for me, the German Shepherd has been great.

Make Sure You Train

The second question is, how are we going to make sure we train. It’s important to train the dog. Obviously, I’m a dog trainer, and this is what I primarily help people with. The two things that I help people with the most are understanding or having the technical knowledge of how to train the dog. The other thing that I do is hold people accountable. That way, they can build a personal, daily dog training habit. Technical skill, plus a dog training habit, can really make it where your dog will be able to thrive in your household. So if you know what your dog is meant to do, and you know how to train, and you actually have a training habit; this can be very useful.

Expensive Emergencies

The third question is, do we have enough money for expensive emergencies? I don’t know how much money you need to have to do this. But with what I went through with Gabby just a couple of weeks ago, I needed a little over $3,000. Fortunately, I had it set aside for just an emergency.

If you’re going to get a dog, sometimes these unpredictable things can happen, and their life can hang in the balance. It would’ve been a tough decision to let your dog go because you did not have those funds available. I know this is a sensitive topic, but it’s something to talk about. Your dog’s life literally could hang in the balance if you don’t have some emergency fund for these kinds of things.

Support System

The last question is, who can help us when we get in a bind? As I said, it’s been a big lifesaver for me to have my mother involved. I also have a high school friend coming over and helping me with the dogs when I’m out at work. Other individuals are helping me as well. It would be best to have some support system in place.

I imagine there might be other things that need to be had in the conversation, but those are the four I can identify.

What was the dog meant to do? Are you going to make sure that you train? Do you have enough money for expensive emergencies? And who can help you when we get in a bind? So, if you’re thinking about having a dog write those down, have a conversation, and come up with a solution.

I hope this was helpful to you. For more tips like this, you can go to my YouTube Channel or find more right here on my website at

Happy Training!

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