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Practice In Between The Performance

The topic today is practice in between the performance. What’s the difference between practice and performance? Well, here’s a few things that kind of stand out to me if we’re looking at any human sports like baseball, basketball, football, tennis, hockey, or any of the other ones that I didn’t mention. You’ll notice that whenever we practice, we generally have more than one object. More than one baseball on the field, more than one football on the field, more than one basketball on the court, so forth, and so on.

However, in any of those sports, whenever we’re having an actual performance that there’s a real game being played, there’s only one object on the field. The other thing that I noticed is that they’re constantly practicing and performing every once in a while.

There are quite a few games in basketball and baseball, but there is still a fair amount of practice. But let’s take a look at football. There are probably five days of preparation leading up to one day of actually performing, and that’s the way it is for dogs.

For the most part, there is this notion that if you train a dog through something like a two-month board and train course. When the dog comes out of training, there’s nothing left to be done. In my experience, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reality is that the dog has a lot of acquired skills, and they know how to do some things, but they are still going to need the practice to continue to execute those things at the level that they’ve achieved at the end of that training program.

Daily Dog Training Habit

So this is why, for me, it is essential to develop a personal daily dog training habit. Yes, it would help if you asked your dog to perform and to perform well. But leading up to those performances, you should be practicing to make sure that they maintain and grow the skills you want them to have. Part of maintaining a daily personal dog training habit is giving it a time and a place, but it’s also just having the technical knowledge of how to do what you need to do with the dog.

So think of yourself as a coach with your dog. As you’re thinking about yourself as a coach, you should communicate clearly what they need to execute? What are they supposed to be targeting and doing? And how do I make this game or this drill enjoyable for my dog? So that way, they can continue to want to come to practice, and when it’s time to perform, they can do it flawlessly.

You can do that with practically anything. Even things that you want to teach yourself. You have to make it enjoyable. Make it easy to hit a target, and you have to make it memorable. To keep repeating, it’s just an excellent formula to use for creating habits. So I guess what I’m trying to say here is that there has to be plenty of practice between the performance. If you want your dog to perform at any level, but especially at a very high level.

I hope this was helpful. Remember to visit me on my YouTube Channel and find more tips like this right here at

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