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I Just Love a Trained Adult Dog!

I’m sitting in my office writing this for you and there is my faithful, beautiful German Shepherd, Gabby. She’s five years old, her birthday was just a few weeks ago. She’s just such a source of joy for myself and my family. This month also tends to be a little bit more difficult for me from an emotional standpoint. Not too long ago, I had three dogs instead of just one. Both dogs, Fritz and Jasmine passed away in the month of December. Fritz passed away about a year ago, and it’s a hard thing to go through.

I grow very attached to my dogs, as we all do. I just love a trained adult dog. Any time I’ve lost a dog, I’ve had an adult dog to be there for me.

I always encourage you to train with your dogs and be consistent and reward your dogs. You might ask, “what’s in it for me?”

When you put all that work into these amazing creatures we call dogs, they reward us in ways that is hard to put into words, and frankly, it makes me a little emotional. I really love dogs and I love how they can change our lives. A well-behaved trained adult dog is such a source of joy for us and I am very thankful for dogs. Particularly my own dogs. As I go through the ups and downs of life, they are there. When I am down, they cheer me up. When I am up, it means they are right next to me.

I want to encourage you to keep practicing with your dogs, keep enjoying them, keep sharing with them.

Please go visit my YouTube channel if you need some training tips or you’re likely to find what you need right here on my website as well at

Happy Training!

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