How To Stop Your Dog From Marking In Your Home

This is a behavior in male dogs that typically crops up between 8-12 months of age.
A sure way to prevent that from happening would be, to get your dog neutered at 6 months of age, but please don’t. I feel very strongly about that and if you want to know why, send me a message and I will give you plenty of reasons, why we do not recommend neutering your dog at such a young age.

So, your dog is already marking. What to do? You are going to have to be very disciplined about how much freedom you are giving your dog in your home. Your dog might smell a trace of urine somewhere in your home or pick up the scent of a female dog and that’s all it takes for the dog to want to mark in those places. You will have to be very vigilant, keep your dog on a leash inside the home and have the dog spend a lot of time on their place. That way, you are limiting the dog’s opportunities to pick up scents, that might lead to marking.

In addition, show your dog, where you want them to pee, either in your backyard or on your walk. Then you need to heavily reinforce, when your dog uses the right place as a restroom.

You have heard me say, that I do not want you to correct your dog for having an accident in your home and that still holds true. However, marking is not the same and is a behavior, that you need to correct. You literally only have 1.5 seconds to do that, from the time the dog stops peeing. If you don’t have a remote collar on the dog and can quickly correct, you are going to be too late.

To sum it up: immediately correct, when your dog is marking and heavily reward, when your dog gets it right.

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