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How To Get The Best Results Possible

The topic today is how to get the best results possible. Because I run a dog training business, results are an essential part of our business. If I’m delivering a service and it’s not actually delivering results, that’s not good. That’s not good for a variety of reasons. It’s not good for my clients; it’s not good for dogs. And it’s obviously not good for my family and me. So getting results is really an important thing. What I want to talk about is how to get the best results possible.

Daily Personal Dog Training Habit

I’m going to go macro here kind of big perspective for a moment. It seems that the best way to get results is what you guys hear me talk about the most here, and that is to have a daily, personal dog training habit. It’s completely possible that you could send your dog off to a board and train program where your dog will be with a professional dog trainer like myself. And your dog will get really good at skills that that trainer is teaching over the two weeks that they’re there.

Maybe it’s a one-week program, maybe it’s a four-week program, but I think you get the gist. How about if your dog goes off for some specialized training and they’re gone for six months? Well, your dog should come back, and it should be pretty brilliant. I even know of people that will buy a very nice dog and send it to Europe. The dog will live there for a couple of years, get trained by a trainer, compete, get titles, and then return home. Now, that costs quite a bit of money. But I’m telling you, the dog is going to be remarkable.

You And Your Dog

Well, as I said, it goes back to that personal, daily dog training habit. Your dog doesn’t necessarily need to go off to a professional dog trainer, but it’s not a bad idea to get one involved in your life and your dog’s life. Notice what I did there. You and your dog. You want to have somebody who can give you good advice that’s actually gotten results with many dogs, not just their own. They can show you with your dog quite possibly. And they can also coach you through the process of doing that.

But then, to actually get the best results possible, it doesn’t come from taking a course with those individuals, like taking a six-week course with me. It actually comes from continuing to train your dog after you have finished that dog training course. Because the best results that you can get from your dog lie somewhere in the future, it might be six months from now. It might be two years from now. And it definitely could be four to six years from now. You’re going to get incredible results if you continue to practice and build on the foundational things that your dog should know.

Advanced Training

Advanced training is great, but the foundation of those basics where the dog comes for the dog heels. Those are so important for the dog to be able to do well. And if you can execute those and get your dog to do those skills quickly in various circumstances and on voice command only, it is awe-inspiring to see.

When I see dogs that can do that and see how they look at their handlers or look at their owner, it’s just a beautiful thing to see. You can tell that that dog is really in tune and really very happy. So again, the best way to get the best possible results with your dog is by forming a personal, daily dog training habit. Working with your dog every day and paying attention to the information that they’re sending you. And then just getting after it.

I hope this was helpful. Remember, you can always go to my YouTube Channel for more tips or find them right here on my website

Happy Training!

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