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“Go say hi.”

I learned something from another dog trainer recently that I found fascinating.  There’s a command called “go say hi.”  What they do is bring the dog into basic position, which means the dog is sitting on the left-hand side with a slack leash and generally attentive to the owner.  Then, the other person approaches and asks “May I pet your dog?”  If you want your dog to go meet that person, you would tell your dog “go say hi” and this becomes the command for your dog to learn that now it’s good to go meet people. 

If this is something you’d like to train, use a friend or family member and get your dog into heeling position.  Then, when you release them, say “go say hi.”  When you do that, have your friend kneel down and maybe offer a piece of food and even some light petting.  

Obviously, you need to read your dog and determine if that’s all a good idea or not. If your dog is out of control or aggressive, this may not be something you should do yet.  You should start training in your home so you can get better and better.

I hope this is useful for you. You can visit my YouTube Channel for more dog training tips or find more right here on my website at

Happy Training!

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