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So Your Dog Failed Its Basic Obedience Course!

The topic of today is: So Your Dog Failed Its Basic Obedience Course!

I was consulting with a family recently and they mentioned that one of their dogs had trained with a different trainer.  Of course, that’s fine, there are so many great dog trainers out there and we aren’t in competition. There are just so many dogs that need training.  However, one of the things she said though touched me, she mentioned that she failed the dog obedience course.  I was really surprised to hear that a dog trainer could allow their client to fail. 

They Failed You

If you’re going to get a professional dog trainer involved to take you through a dog obedience course, you really can’t fail.  The one exception to that is if you’re not doing the things your dog trainer is asking you to do.  In that case, you didn’t really fail the course, you’re failing your dog. You’re not putting in the practice your dog needs.  If you’re diligently showing up to class and doing what your trainer tells you to do and then end up failing the course, you didn’t fail.  They failed you.  

I take a standpoint with my clients when I meet a family and sell something to them. I feel it’s up to me to help them make sure they achieve a reasonable amount of success with their dogs. So they are able to enjoy them.  Especially when we get to the end of the course and see that the people are really trying their best.  I do look at dog training as a service. If people are putting in the work, there’s no way they should be failing a basic obedience course. 

If you take a course with a dog trainer and you failed the basic obedience course, then that’s not a good dog trainer. My recommendation is see how passionate they are when you first interview them. See how passionate they are about dog training. Also, how do they feel about making sure you’re able to achieve your goal.  

I hope this is helpful to you, send me a text at (832)734-5189 if you need help vetting a dog trainer, or anything else. I’m here to help. You can also find more helpful tips like this one at my YouTube Channel or right here at

Go enjoy your dog and Happy training!

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