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Don't Pet My Dog

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Don’t Pet My Dog

Over the years, even in just the last few days, I’ve seen videos on the internet of dogs biting people.  There always seems to be the question of who’s at fault in these situations.  You know, you’ve got this dog that’s supposed to be mans best friend, and the owner who’s just sitting there minding their own business, and then this person comes along and puts a ton of pressure on the dog and puts their face right in the dogs face that they don’t even know.  

In those situations, it’s really easy to blame the person who’s walking up to the dog and showering them with adoration.  However, I’ve got to tell you, for me, I feel it is 100% the owners’ fault for allowing that to happen.  Many times I’ve been out in public places with my own dogs, and people come rushing up to pet my dogs.  Now, I’ve been very blessed, all my dogs have had wonderful temperaments and have really done a great job of handling pushy people.  At the same time, I feel it’s my responsibility to kindly tell them “don’t pet my dog.”  That is also something I recommend to my clients whenever they’re working with their dog out in public. You need to advocate for your dog and keep those crazies away because they can and will put their hands on your dog.  If your dog is having a bad day, or maybe just isn’t very friendly towards strangers, they could bite the person, and now you’re in trouble. I’ll tell you this, I’ve had clients who are personal injury attorneys, and they go after those who have dogs that bite people.  I can also tell you they have some of the biggest, nicest homes because they get paid a fortune for winning those cases.  

If people are coming up to pet your dog, it may seem really innocent, but it can cost you quite a bit and potentially get your dog euthanized.  All you need to do is tell them “hey, please don’t pet my dog.”  Some may get their feelings hurt, but it’s better than ending up in court.  Also, remember this when you see someone else’s dog in public and always ask the owner first, or just admire from a distance. 

Happy Training, have a great day!

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