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Dogs Can Help Bring Families Together

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Dogs Can Bring Families Together

Dogs Can Help Bring Families Together

This past weekend I decided to get out of town with my Mom as well as my dog Gabby.  We went to a place near Austin, TX called Buda.  It was a great trip and we had a really nice time.  That trip made me think about how dogs can bring families together, and of course they can sometimes cause problems within families.  Overall, I see that dogs are just incredible creatures when they’re well mannered and obedient because we’ve put the time in to train them.  I see that it brings so much joy into our lives. 

Just today I spent quite a bit of time with Gabby because we’re preparing for our next YouTube video.  I spent about 3-4 hours just filming various things with her around the town.  When we got home that evening I saw my Mom and her have a beautiful bonding experience and the dog just made it so easy to be together.  

I guess what I’m really trying to say is one of the benefits about having a trained dog, I’ve rarely talked about, is that they allow your family to be close and be at peace and maybe even laugh more because the dogs aren’t without their antics.  They have their own personality’s and fun traits you can enjoy if you’re not struggling with them.  

This is just really an encouragement to train your dog, especially when they’re young, so that way you can really enjoy them when they are adults and you will see how they can bring your family together.  

Happy Training!

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