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Creating Better Outs

Getting nice, clean outs from your dog is a must if you’re competing in any protection sport. Sometimes it can be beneficial for you and your dog to include a remote collar to help your dog get back on the right track.

I’m sharing with you one of the things that I do to improve my German Shepherd dog, Gabby’s outs using low-level remote collar work. I go through how I teach her to grab the object and let go on command. I pressed the button to send a working-level signal to the collar and give the verbal cue of what I wanted, creating the behavior. As soon as the behavior was created, I immediately let go of the button. I sometimes say “good dog,” and sometimes I don’t say anything. She likes to bite the object, and she wants to play after. So I give her a lot of that in-between.

It’s essential to have a lot of positive reinforcement during this activity.

Let me know if you have questions about remote collars or anything else related to dog training. Send me a direct text to (832) 734-5189.

Be sure to visit my YouTube channel for more helpful videos like this. I post a new one every weekday, and I cover many topics that could help you train your dog. You can also find more tips right here at under Dog Training Blog.

Happy Training!

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