Why You Must Train Your Dog To Be Calm

Calmness is the the key to having well behaved dogs in your home.

I am beginning to realize how untrained dogs and humans, who are yelling at them, produce discord in the family.
This is why we are constantly preaching calmness!

A frequent mistake is, that we teach a dog how to stay in a place to the point, where the dog will go there on his own. As soon as any excitement or something new enters the environment, the dog loses his mind, gets excited, because now, the bed is no longer the most rewarding thing.

Practicing calmness is not just the dog being in a calm state of mind, but also being told, that he must be calm. Repeatedly lead your dog to the place and reward him for calmness. In addition, simply putting a hand on their back has a calming effect.
This is not the same as petting or stroking their back. A hand on their back with some gentle pressure actually calms them. It takes time. I have been practicing this and I want to look into it a little more, before I tell you, what I have discovered. My initial thought is, that about 5 seconds of placing my hand on the dog’s shoulder, without petting or talking, will have a calming effect.

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