Why Should I Let My Dog Make Mistakes?

Why should I let my dog make mistakes instead of saying “Stay”?

When I train the place/stay, down/stay or sit/stay, I actually never say the word “Stay”. I don’t like that word, because it sounds threatening and that is not the type of relationship I want to have with my dogs.
Also, I want to give my dogs the choice to break the stay, because when they break the stay and I am prepared, then I get to teach them, that I didn’t want them to break the stay.

Now, if you are not prepared, and your dog’s stay is a little iffy, saying the word “Stay” and pointing your finger can possibly give you a little bit of an edge in keeping your dog on his place. However, I much prefer to give my dog the choice to stay or to break the stay, for several weeks, if not months. That way I can teach the difference between those decisions.

I actually encourage my clients to let their dogs make those kind of mistakes as often as it takes, just for the purpose of guiding the dog back until he choses to stay. At that time, the dog should be heavily rewarded.

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