Why Should I Let My Dog Make Mistakes Instead Of Saying “Stay”?

If you have seen some of our videos, when we are training a sit/stay, down/stay or a place/stay, you will have noticed, that I don’t actually tell the dog to stay. I want the dog to have the choice to break the stay. If they break the stay and I am prepared, then I get to teach them, that I didn’t want them to do it. If you are not prepared, then telling your dog to stay, might give you a little bit of an edge, but I much prefer the dog having the choice to continue to stay or to break their stay, so I can teach them the difference between those two decisions.

For those of you, who are training with us, I want you to step back about two feet, after you put you dog in a stay, still holding on to the end of the leash. Even bait your dog a little by kneeling down, just for the purpose of grabbing the leash and putting them back on their place. Keep doing that, until the dog decides not to come off the place and at that moment, heavily reward your dog. This teaches the dog, that coming off the place/stay will result in leash tightening and no reward, whereas actively choosing to stay will be rewarded.

Why should I let my dog make mistakes? Because it gives you the opportunity to teach your dog the differences of choices.

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