Why I Train My Dog With Food

Food is one of the most powerful resources you can use in your dog training. When I look at a bowl of dog food, I see a ton of opportunity for us to ad extra value to our voice and our movements. We want our dogs watching us and we also want our dogs listening to us. When you use something as important as your dog’s food in conjunction with speaking, your voice gets value.

Two cups of my dog’s kibble is about 300 pieces of food and I can associate that to my voice. When my dog hears my voice, it can have a really powerful psychological effect.
One of the things, I want folks to be careful about is, showing the dog the piece of food before the dog has earned it. This does not apply, when you are just starting to train a puppy. After that, I want you to hide the food in your hand and let the dog smell it, but not see it.

If you are using a treat pouch, make sure your hand is not already in the treat pouch or even moving towards the treat pouch, before you speak. If you talk before you reach for the food, it can actually make your voice even more powerful. Doing it at the same time will lead to your dog looking at your hand rather than your face.

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