Who’s the Reward For?

Here are just some of my thoughts on how to improve our relationships with our dogs and each other.

When it comes to rewarding, It is important for us to step back at times and ask ourselves,

“Is this reward for me or is it a reward for my dog?”

I feel that sometimes when we are trying to reward our dogs we are actually just rewarding ourselves. Not that in and of itself it is a bad thing, but…there are times when that ‘reward’ is actually hurting the future relationship, the long game.

Here is one situation that could victimize many of us.

When we have young puppies, we get them onto our furniture and allow them to start snuggling with us. Yes, your puppy probably loves this. At the heart of this though is our need to cuddle them. We are after this reward while they may not be seeking it. Day after day, it continues.


We invite people over, our young dogs have put on several pounds, and now they are all over your guests and you start to tell them “no.”

Because of snuggling with them day in and day out and building this very powerful habit, we now have placed our dogs in the crosshairs of confusion and uncertainty.

I’m not saying not to snuggle with your young cute puppy, but please, for their sake, don’t make this the focus of their training. Don’t keep rewarding yourself and make them susceptible to then not knowing what they should do when you raise the stakes.

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