When Should My Dog Wear A Prong Collar?


There are a lot of instances, where a prong collar is useful.

I am using a prong collar with my dog Gabby to create more precision in our heeling. The 2 1/4 mm prong collar, made by Herm Springer, is a fantastic tool for teaching the dog precision in heeling. I would not recommend using the prong collar for corrections, however, if your dog is struggling with pulling, prong collar training is really effective.

You have to know your dog and have an idea, of how they read pressure. There are different sizes of prong collars and when I talk about size, I mean the size of the tips that make contact with your dog’s neck. Different size tips communicate differently to the dog. The mechanism of the prong collar is designed not to tighten so much around the dog’s neck, that it causes injury. Usually, injuries from prong collars occur, when people leave them on their dogs and the dog is growing into the collar. A prong collar should only be on your dog, when you are training and needs to come off when you’re not.

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