When Is My Dog Allowed To Come Off His/Her Place?

That is a frequently asked question.

When you have done place training with your dog, you have taught them three things:

Being on the bed with all four paws is great.

Being in a down position on the bed is better.

Getting off the bed without being prompted results in being put back on the bed and losing food rewards.

When you give your dog the place command, he or she can only come off the place, when you release them. When your dog goes to their place on their own accord, that is the time to reward your dog. When they make a good choice on their own volition, it is important to reinforce that behavior. This will result in the dog doing that behavior more often.
When your dog goes to their place on their own, they can come off whenever they want.

I would really like to challenge all of us to reward our dogs every time they offer us a useful behavior.

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