When Is It Okay To Take A Newly Adopted Dog Out In Public To Socialize?

A lot of people consider socialization to be the ability of their dog to play well with other dogs. My opinion on socialization is, my dog’s ability to ignore other dogs, when they are with me.

The short answer to the question is, when the dog has learned the skills they need in that environment. Let me be more specific: I would not take a dog out in public, unless they know the place/stay and the beginnings of loose leash walking. If the dog is still working on learning these things, then he is not ready to perform these skills in a more realistic environment. Make sure the dog knows boundaries that will be reinforced, before you step out the door and also, when obedience will be rewarded. If you are not sure how to set boundaries or when to reward your dog, our youtube channel is a great resource. I have a lot of videos and also a lot of virtual reality videos, in 3D, if you have a headset, that can be helpful. One of the videos covers the “wall game” and that is step one. We just released a video on step two, “leash walking”. After learning those things, your dog is ready to handle realistic public situations and so are you.

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