What’s The Best Breed Of Dog For My Family?

My answer to that question is: “Any dog from a rescue organization!”.

We have so many dogs right here in Houston, who are in need of a home. I can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of neglect and abuse some of these dogs have had to endure. There have been a lot of very sad cases lately.
I could never treat my dogs like that and I don’t believe that dogs are disposable.

The advantage with dogs from rescues is, that they have already lived in a home and their fosters are able to observe how they interact with other animals, people and children.

Of course, shelters are full of dogs as well and I am not saying “Don’t get a shelter dog”, but with a dog from a shelter, you just don’t know, what you will get. Their temperament could be great and well suited for children or not. A dog from a rescue will have been evaluated in that regard.

If you are looking to adopt from a rescue, feel free to reach out to us, because we know a lot of wonderful people who are involved in rescues.

If you are an experienced dog owner and are looking for a well bred dog, we can also be of help in recommending a reputable breeder.

Longoriahaus Dog Training is a dog training service in the Kingwood, Humble and Houston, Texas area. Longoriahaus Dog Training can help you raise a happy and reliable dog.

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