What To Do, When Your Trained Poodle Keeps Getting Aggressive On Walks

This can be tricky. You have already gone through the process of training your dog, your dog knows basic skills, but is still struggling. A lot of people are dealing with the issue of leash pulling and/or aggression with their dogs. It certainly is not just Poodles, but every breed. The first thing I would recommend is that you go back to the basics. Show your dog, how valuable it is to be on your left side. We know very well, what we don’t want our dogs to do, but don’t emphasize enough, what we do want them to do. My dogs learn, that I want them on my left side, their toes even with my heel and their heads turned up looking at me. Before your next walk, get next to a wall, have your dog by your side and begin feeding your dog for being on your left-hand side. Once you have established where you want your dog to be, you need to introduce the leash to this exercise. Imagine a line in front of your body, and each and every time your dog crosses that boundary, use the leash, put some pressure down the leash and move your dog back behind you and then slack the leash. This will take some repetitions. Best suited for this is a hallway, so you have a long runway. You can also teach this in your backyard. Either way, try to have as few distractions as possible. Once your dog understands to be on your left side and not cross the boundary, you are ready to go on a walk. It’s important, that it’s not a destination walk, by that I mean, don’t try to walk from point A to point B. You could just walk up and down your driveway or just right in front of your home. Just show your dog, that you are going to apply the same things, that you taught inside the home.


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