What Is The Best Way To Train My Dog?

Should you use a remote collar? Should you use a clicker? Should you use dog food? Should you use treats? How about hand signals? Voice commands?

There are so many different ways to go about training a dog. The best way is the one that happens to work for your dog. Each dog is uniquely different and finding the way that works for the dog in front of you, is where it’s at.
You have to figure out, what they love, what they dislike, how they respond to a leash or a harness, what their favorite toy is and so on.

Understanding your dog, spending time getting to know them is really how you are going to go about training any dog.
There are a lot of different techniques out there. What I recommend is, after you find out who your dog is, focus on the three major skills: place stay, walking on a slack leash on your left side and coming when called.
These skills should be worked on a daily basis, because they are the foundational pieces for further training.

One of the services we offer as a dog training company is, that when I lay eyes on your dog, I get to compare your dog to the hundreds of other dogs that I have seen in my career. It is helpful in figuring out, what might work for your dog, even though each dog is an individual.

Longoriahaus Dog Training is a dog training service in the Kingwood, Humble and Houston, Texas area. Longoriahaus Dog Training can help you raise a happy and reliable dog.

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