What Can I Do To Help My Anxious Dog?

Anxiety really means, that the dog’s mind is engaged in the future and anticipating that nothing good can come of the situation he is in. It’s a serious issue and I have seen some severe cases of anxiety. I have seen dogs in wire crates tear up their faces, tear up their paws…

Anytime that your dog enters into an anxious state, there needs to be something that tells your dog’s brain not to go any further. In general, emotions of frustration and discomfort will bring that about. If you are frustrated or uncomfortable, you will become aware of what you are doing and your brain will tell you to move away. It does not mean, that you have to be injured. The brain is telling you that, so you can avoid something that could lead to injury. A lot of times a dog will enter into an anxious state and their body will release so much adrenaline, that they are unable to experience frustration or discomfort that would help them to become calm. It’s important to get to the beginning side of anxiety, because if it escalates, practically nothing will work.

On the other side of this, the rate of pleasure, comfort and ultimately hope, should be increased. The problem with separation anxiety is, that you have to leave the dog, the dog not become anxious and then you return to reward the dog. If you return, while the dog is still in an anxious state, you are actually reinforcing that behavior.

I have found that people who live a calm lifestyle, deal a lot less with anxious dogs.

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