What Are The Signs Of Stress In A Dog?

There are a lot of different signs of stress in a dog.
The first one that comes to mind is, when your dog’s tail is tucked between their legs.
Another sign of stress, that people usually don’t pick up on, is when your dog is yawning. Most people think, that the dog might be sleepy, but that’s not it.
However, stress in and of itself is not bad. Stress that is ongoing without mechanisms to get rid of it, is a different story.
Other signs of stress are facial expressions. Tight facial expressions indicate stress,
tight muscles on the dog’s back indicate stress as well as a hunched down posture.
There is no way to eliminate all stress, but if your dog gets stressed on walks by critters and other dogs, you should eliminate those.
Also, you have to make your home a place of peace and tranquility.
Another big sign of stress is, when a dog’s face tightens and he shows his teeth.
As I said before, stress is a very normal part of life. Teaching your dog a new skill is stressful for example and the real question is, are we providing ways for the dog to cope with stress and to overcome stress. In training, we provide something comfortable and pleasurable, when the dog overcomes the stressful situation.

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