Training the meter hurdle 2

By Al Longoria


One of the most useful tools I have encountered in dog training is the touch pad. This tool has helped me create so many behaviors. I’ve taught the start of the blind search, the send away, and now I am using it for the meter hurdle and A-frame

You can pick pretty much any object to become your touch pad.  I use a 5 quart rubber feeding bucket I purchased at my local feed store.  Essentially what I want to do with this object is associate it with something that my dog highly enjoys.  I use a properly charged moment marker like a clicker to carry this out.  When I have my dog out I will lure him towards the touch pad.  Once my hand is over the top of the pad I wait until my dog places just one foot on the top of the pad.  As soon he places his paw on there I will click once and then begin to treat my dog once piece at a time for several seconds for about 3 seconds or as soon as he pulls his foot off.  I will repeat this process several times until he is just crazy about placing his foot on there.  In preparation to teach him the hurdle, I will begin to place small obstacles in his way for him to bound over to get to the touch pad.  You will want to make sure that your dog is very motivated to get on the touch pad before you ever place any type of obstacle in between the dog and the touch pad.  I will continue this process to teach my dog to jump over obstacles to get to the touch pad until I finally get him over the meter hurdle.  Just like all things with dog training, take your time, enjoy your dog, and keep it fun and rewarding.

Well let me know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

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