Training An Aggressive Dog

Working with aggressive dogs is a lot of liability for us. We put ourselves on the line to work with aggressive dogs.
The cost of training an aggressive dog is not going to be a few hundred dollars, but more between one thousand to three thousand dollars.

Just to be clear on my process in this, I am absolutely in favor of using remote collars to train an aggressive dog. It is the training tool that most effectively changes their mind about their aggressive actions and help them to become more calm.

There are other training tools out there and positive reinforcement helps a lot with rehabilitating these dogs, but to keep everyone safe, muzzle training and remote collar training is important. When a dog decides to go after a human and hurt them, the dog’s mindset needs to be changed at that very moment and it’s not particularly pretty. It has to be done in a very firm way for the dog to understand, that being aggressive towards a human or a dog is not acceptable.

There are techniques out there, that I cannot condone, where a dog can get injured. The experience of discomfort is a big learning moment for the dog and establishes a clear boundary, that must not be crossed. Training an aggressive dog should not be taken lightly and I recommend enlisting the help of a professional.

Just know, that there is help available.

Longoriahaus Dog Training is a dog training service in the Kingwood, Humble and Houston, Texas area. Longoriahaus Dog training can help you raise a happy and reliable dog.

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