Tools for the New Dog Trainer


New dog trainer toolsNew Dog Trainer Tools

Some of our most common questions we receive are about the equipment that every new dog trainer needs to train their dog.  Here are the main items we would suggest purchasing to get the most out of your pet training.  The essentials would be a clicker, a slip lead, an indoor dog bed and the reward bag.  We do however recommend the harness, and outdoor dog bed to enhance your dogs training.


1.  A Clicker

Karen Pryor i-Click Dog Training Clicker
StarMark Clicker Dog Training System
Premier Clicker Dog Trainer – Purple


2. A Slip Lead

British Style Slip Lead – 3/8″ x 4′ – Green
British Style Slip Lead – 3/8″ x 4′ – Ruby
Mendota 3/8″ X 4′ British Slip Lead – Red


3. An Indoor Dog Bed

Deluxe Pillow Bed, Gusseted Red/Gold Striped Chenille, 27-inch X 36-inch
Orthopedic Dog Bed, 30 by 42-Inch, Birch


4. A Reward Bag

Treat Pouch Sport, Black
Dog Training Treat Bag, Blue


5. A Harness

Adjustable Harness 18 to 24 Inches Girth with a Width of 5/8 in.
Hamilton 3/8-Inch by 10-Inch to 16-Inch Adjustable Comfort Nylon Dog Harness


6. An Outdoor Dog Bed

Coolaroo Large Steel-Framed Pet Bed, Brunswick Green
Maze Pets Cool Cot Elevated Pet Bed, Large

There are items that we could have included but feel that this list is good to cover the basics for your pet dog.  Do you feel that there are other tools a new dog trainer could use?  Send us a message, we will definitely consider it.

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