Three Reasons Why Your Dog Pulls On The Leash

The first reason I can think of is, that we let them. We put the leash and collar on them and we let them pull. Here is a tip for puppy owners: use a cheap little harness instead. When they are little, I let them pull me everywhere, but only with chest pressure. That way they will learn not to pull me around, when they wear a collar later on. You want to keep the dog’s neck sensitive to pressure. When I put a collar on my dog Gabby, she immediately limits herself, because she didn’t wear a collar for the first part of her life. Don’t go with your dog, when he/she begins to pull.

The second reason your dog pulls is, because he/she doesn’t know the value of being on your left hand side. Whatever direction our head is pointed or our eyes are looking to, is the direction we are moving to. It’s the same for your dog. When you are watching training videos of mine, you will notice, that the dog’s head is often pointing up at the owner. This is the result of training, because no dog will naturally do this. Accomplishing this takes a lot of repetitions and rewards for the dog.

Reason number three is, you have not taught your dog, that getting to the end of the leash is not worth it. At some point you have to tell your dog, that a tight leash creates a problem in your relationship.

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