The happiest moment of the day

By Al LongoriaPhoto Aug 27, 1 33 48 PM

Welcome back to the Longoriahaus dog training blog.  I often get asked how do we get our dogs to behave when we come home without having to use harsh corrections.  I believe in building patterns for my dog that lead up to tons of excitement. I want my dogs to look at my arrival like it is something fun.  Part of the equation is knowing what your dogs’ needs are.  So let’s just say you just arrived home from work and the dog has been alone all day.  There is no doubt he will be excited to see you.  He wants to engage with you some way.  This is a super opportune time to teach him something new or even have him do something that requires concentrating on you.  Here is one technique that may help.  Go and grab his favorite toy, my German Shepherd Fritz loves his ball on a string,  and have him sit in front of you looking into your eyes for two to three seconds.  It can be difficult for your dog to do this at first, but continue to wait for him to give you what you are looking for. Once he does that, use your conditioned marker and begin to play with him using his toy.  You should witness an explosion of happiness from the dog.  Now if this is your first time doing this, have your dog only make eye contact for a moment before you mark the moment and begin to play.  Over the period of a couple a weeks, practice this exercise and see how your dog will begin to give you better attention when you arrive.

Well off I go to train with another family and their dog.  See you on the training field!

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