The Front Door, A Gateway To A Calm Walk

Leash pulling usually starts at the front door. Dogs get excited, they see the leash and they are so happy to go outside. Who can blame them? They get to see squirrels, other dogs and the whole world out there.

However, excitement is the pre curser to all bad behaviors. I may sound like a broken record, but it’s true.

De-escalating the excitement at the front door is necessary to have a successful leash walk with your dog.
Here are some things I recommend to achieve that:

Open the front door, have the leash as slack as possible and let your dog go out the door. Then there will be tension on the leash and it will not be released until the dog is 100% back in the house. Repeat that several times and don’t say anything. Your dog will probably wonder, what’s going on and look at you. Now, that you have your dog’s attention, calmly praise your dog. Be boring, but be meaningful. This will tell your dog, that staying by your side when the door is open, is what you want.
The next step is going outside the door and asking your dog to sit again. This may seem redundant, but a dog bolting out the door is a scary thing.

So remember, that calmness at the door is not just more pleasant, but it can literally save your dog’s life.

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