The Difference Between A Service Dog And Emotional Support Dog

Though I am not an expert on this, I will share what I do know.

A service dog must be specifically trained to perform a task to assist you with a disability.
For example, if you had a broken hand and brought your dog to the grocery store, you could have your dog retrieve items for you. Another example is, if you broke your leg and your dog was trained to stabilize you. Service dogs are permitted in many places. Service dogs must have great obedience and of course specialized training to assist you.
In the state of Texas, a service dog in training is actually allowed anyplace a service dog can go. You are still liable, if the dog bites somebody or pees on the floor.

An emotional support dog is not a service dog, however, you are allowed to have an emotional support dog living with you in any apartment complex or rental home and you don’t have to disclose that to your landlord. Now, if they have a no pet policy, you may get some push back.

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