The Balance of Knowledge

The Balance of Knowledge

“Stop jumping!”

These are some of the common things we exclaim to dogs to get them to stop any number of unwanted behaviors. Most of the time, it doesn’t work to create long-term changes.

If you are basing the bulk of your communication on these words, I’m going to break it to you, it is not going to work to train your dog.

It will work about as well as telling your kids not to touch each other in the back seat of your car and then one of your lovely children’s fingers is 1.3 inches away from your other child’s face. At this point, you’re probably either going to scream or you just may tell them to put their hands in their laps and to sit quietly.

If you told them to put their hands in their laps, and they were your dog, you are now officially headed in the right direction.

When you give clear direction about what you want to your dog in a way they can comprehend they are pretty good at executing it!

So I am going to give you something practical to do this weekend. Before I do that let me put this idea in your head:

Your dogs’ total knowledge should consist of at least 90% of what you specifically want them to do with their bodies. The other 10% and this is the max, should be what they are not allowed to do.

So you see the picture I used for this post? Mimic this picture. Get your dog on the left-hand side of your body, position their head pointing up towards your face, and make it rewarding. Do this thing 15 times in a row. But….make each time you reward them last 1 minute long.


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