The Attention Span Of A Dog

A dog’s attention varies greatly. I see puppies, who have phenomenal attention and I have seen adult dogs, who don’t have good attention at all.

The very first thing that gets a puppy’s attention after birth is food. They are born deaf and blind and it may take them twenty to thirty seconds to crawl over to their mother for food. That is a pretty significant amount of time for a puppy, who just entered the world.

In general, there are a lot of things competing for a dog’s attention. When outside, that could be smells, other dogs, noises, things that move and of course voice commands. As humans, we also get distracted and get less done, when our attention is diverted in all these different directions, like a TV in the background for example.
As you cultivate attention from your dog it is important, at least in the beginning, to control the environment. We want to teach our dogs, that our voice will ultimately lead to a reward.

When I observe clients, trying to get their dog’s attention, they often move towards their dog and even lean forward. I tell them to just relax and maybe say their dog’s name, then start moving and grabbing food and then start petting them. This will set you up to get a lot of attention from your dog and to hold their attention.

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