Teaching Your Dog To Sit

There are different ways a dog can sit. Observe your dog and you will see, that either the front feet are going to back up to the back feet or the front feet are going to stay in and the back end is going to swing forward. The first is called a “rock back sit”, the second is called a “tuck up sit”. If you are considering any type of competitive sport with your dog, you want to avoid the “rock back sit”, because it will cost you points, when you are competing with your dog.

The simplest way to teach a sit is by luring the dog. Having food in your hand can either be luring or baiting your dog. When you are baiting your dog, that means the dog can see the piece of food. When you are luring the dog, there is no visible food and you are using a hand gesture to get your dog to sit.

When you are teaching your dog, do not put the visible food to the dog’s nose. Instead, have the food hidden in your hand and raise your hand away from the dog’s nose. This will cause the dog to come forward to get the food. If you bring the food to the dog’s nose and then raise your hand above the dog’s nose, it will cause the dog to move back and result in the “rock back sit”.

Also, in the beginning avoid using the verbal “sit” command and just reward the dog for doing a sit. This will be helpful, when you are teaching your dog to sit at your left hand side and not in front of you.

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