Teaching Your Dog To Be Calm When The Family Comes Home

You have to have a plan!

If there is a human at home, when you arrive after a long day of work and Houston traffic, get that person to put a leash on your dog, prior to your arrival. Get them to practice a place/stay with the dog. That way, when the dog comes off the place, they can learn, that that is not what you are asking them to do. When the dog becomes more calm, he can be rewarded.

Your dog is excited to see you, because he loves you. It is understandable. After your dog becomes more calm in your presence, be sure to reward your dog. I am not just talking about a food reward, but the way you then deliver that reward to the dog. Don’t reward their calmness with your exuberance. Do reward their calmness with calmness of your own, but in a meaningful way. It takes some thought to figure out, what that means for your dog.

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