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Basic Puppy Communication: I don’t speak your language

We all have encountered it at some time or another, trying to speak to someone who just doesn’t understand our language.  It can get real frustrating, really quickly.  To top it all of, you may not be able to get your point across and you miss out on something that could have been pretty good […]

Basic Puppy Communication

Getting Started With Your New Puppy

  The prospect of a new puppy means to some, the addition of a cute, cuddly fur ball and to others it is the beginning of a new relationship full of training responsibilities.  If you envision a well trained, well adapted, easy going companion or even competition dog, training your puppy starts as soon as […]

Crate Training Your Dog

Crate training a dog is a common topic for debate among pet owners.  At Longoriahaus Dog Training, we believe it is an essential tool for training your dog, keeping your dog safe and preserving your home and it’s décor in your absence.  This article is not intended to debate the merits or shortfalls of crate […]