Stop Your Dogs Constant Licking

Pug licking the airEvery night at bed time, my male German Shepherd licks his bed until it is soaking wet.  Does your dog lick toys, the carpet or furniture?  Here are a few simple steps to correct this behavior.

You will need the following equipment:

  • A bait bag in which to place all the dogs’ food/treats.
  • A clicker
  • High value food reward
  • The item your dog licks
  • Choke and/or buckle collar
  • Leash


* It is a good idea to have done the work of clicker training or at least conditioning the clicker prior to beginning crate training.*

You will need to begin this training when the dog is already licking the object.  When you observe your dog in the midst of this undesirable behavior, tease him with a treat.  When he stops licking, “click” and hand him a treat.  Repeat this process until the dog no longer begins licking after the treat has been given.

This approach may not work for all dogs.  If you are not making progress by using just treats, pressuring the dog to cease the behavior may be necessary.  Place a choke collar and leash on the dog.  When the dog begins to lick, apply gentle pressure to the collar until the dog quits licking.  When this happens, relax the pressure, “click” and reward with treats.  Repeat this process until the dog no longer begins licking after the treat has been given.

If the pressure approach also fails to correct the behavior, use the buckle collar and leash.  When the dog begins licking, “pop” the leash quickly and lightly but with enough pressure to impact the dog.  When the dog stops licking, “click” and reward him.

As with all training, the clicker plays an instrumental role in altering this behavior.  Be sure to mark the moment the dog stops licking, pause for a brief moment, and then reward the dog.  It may take several weeks of consistent training to change your dog’s behavior.  If you are unable to correct the dog’s licking after 3-5 weeks, please don’t hesitate to contact Al for more direction and assistance.

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