Socializing Your Dog And What It Should Really Mean

How do I go about socializing my dogs? What is the best way?

Let me share, what socializing does not look like: it’s not a bunch of dogs, grouped together, playing hardcore. That is playing, not socialization.

Many times, people will decide to take their dog to a dog park, have their dog play with other dogs and see, if they can sort it out.

Socialization to me means, a dog who understands the things I am asking him to do, whether it’s walking on a leash or staying or coming when called. Also learning to be around other people and dogs and ignoring them. I want the dog to understand, that when being around people or dogs, he has to be polite and respectful, but that they are really not that important.
As puppies, dogs get to play from about week two to week eight and that is all they do. It’s not something they need to learn.
I really think, it’s a mistake, to let your dog continue to play a lot with other dogs. I think your dog should learn to play with you instead.
Leash walking, staying and learning to be calm around other dogs and people is what I call socialization.

We compete with our dogs and I am a part of a dog training club. A lot of times, our dogs are off leash. They really don’t pay attention to what the other dogs are doing. They are more focused on their handlers and the fun theiy are having with them.

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