Setting Boundaries For Your Dog – Stop Your Dog From Stealing Food

I have been dealing with these types of issues for the last couple of months and the answer is, to set clear boundaries.

When dogs are stealing stuff, it’s usually because they are unaware of the boundaries or, if boundaries have been set, the consequence for breaking it, is not relevant to the dog.

Dogs will push boundaries, especially as we physically move further away.

Find a place, where you want your dog to stay and really stick to it. When they stay, I want you to make that place the most valuable place your dog could be. That does not mean, to make it exciting, but you want to deploy food, petting and praise.

If your dog does not stay, you need to use your leash and other training tools and make the consequences very clear. You don’t need to be overly firm, but firm enough for your dog to understand, that obedience is not optional.

It has to be a daily practice. If your dog is stealing food from your young children, it’s only a matter of time, before something bad happens. Unfortunately, if a dog hurts a child, the dog gets blamed and will likely lose his life.

It is our responsibility to be diligent in setting boundaries for our dogs and letting them know, where we want them to be. We also need to teach our children, not to tease a dog and that they need to respect the dog, when he is on his place.

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