Our favorite food rewards for our dogs.

Favorite Food Rewards

I am constantly thinking about what is the best way to reinforce my dogs behavior.  For our dogs, they love to play a game with me with their ball on a string or tug.  I do find that sometimes it is easier for me to reward the dogs with a small piece of food.  So if I am in a place that I need to use food, I want to make sure I have the type of food my dog enjoys the most.  So here is my list of the top five food based rewards I use.

1.  Redbarn Beef Roll

2.Frozen Bil Jac

3. Redbarn Chicken and Liver Roll

4. My Little Wolf Salmon Licious Dog Treats

5. Wellness Grain-Free Venison Dog Treats

When I am using food rewards with my dogs, I am usually teaching them something new. I do not however continue to use them once the behavior is learned unless I have something specific I need to fix. Most of my dogs behaviors are rewarded with some kind of play after they have learned to do it with food.

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By Al Longoria

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